Advanced Tutorials (WIP)

6 years 2 months ago #54516 by Manus
1. Setup The Toolbox

2. Setup Forge Gradle

3. The Package Explorer

4. Toolbox 2.0 Option Menu

5. Model Settings

6. The Model Builder

7. The 3D Window

8. Part Types

9. Part Editor

10. Wheels

11. Guns

12. Hitboxes

13. Propellers

14. Collision Points

15. Seats and Passenger Guns

16.Texture Editor

17. Texture a Model

18. Auto Texture Positioning

19. Model Configs

20. Help Frames and Obj Models

21. Publishing a Package

22. Basic Modeling
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6 years 1 month ago #55399 by minette2400
Amazing videos thank you so much continue quickly :D

Benjamin LOISON, Founder and Programer of, RolePlay server which copy Arma 3 (AltiLife) in Minecraft

Benjamin LOISON, Fondateur et Programmeur d', Serveur RolePlay reproduisant Arma 3 (AltisLife) dans Minecraft
The topic has been locked.
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