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Toolbox and the Money

6 years 9 months ago #50577 by Jedwards98YT
Ok berg i didnt see you qutoed him aswell. all is good here
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6 years 9 months ago #50572 by Cloneguy
Replied by Cloneguy on topic Toolbox and the Money
my thoughts/questions on this:

1. It is incredible that Manus has put so much time and effort in to creating this community and helping us with problems and such, and i think he deserves to be able to sell the toolbox, and i will buy the largest package.

2. There is a possible problem here: we dont have a ton of new modellers. Everyone who is here will buy it and then the income will stop or slow down drastically. I would recommend you at least use ad.fly because it generates constant money and almost all modellers use it to a point where it is hardly noticeable.

3. Will you have to re-buy the toolbox after every update? i would hope that this would not be required if you do indeed use ad.fly, and what will the exact price be of the versions?

4. Kevin, that was extremely rude and comparing Manus to EA is complete bullshit. EA did everything to ruin their games (BF4) while Manus has provided us with so much
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6 years 9 months ago #50579 by Jedwards98YT
very well put Cloneguy
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6 years 9 months ago #50581 by PokerMorda
Replied by PokerMorda on topic Toolbox and the Money
Hey, hey, hey... EA is only publisher! It's DICE who made BF4! It's THEIR FUCKING FAULT BF4 SUCKED. And it's their fault, their screwed up BF3.

AND EA tries to change, but noone see this... Everybody keep seeing mistakes and fails, but noone even tries to see any their tries to be better!

Also, buisness is buisness. If you want to get games, and if companies wants to still live, they need money!

It's the same thing with Manus and running the site. If we want it to keep going, Manus needs money. Just to run the site. That's why, I don't have any problems with Toolbox not being free anymore (I didnt even used it), and I wouldnt have any problems with ads.

Manus, feel free to do, anything what you have, to save the forum. Me - and the thinking part of the community - won't have any problem with that.
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6 years 9 months ago #50583 by Kevin
Replied by Kevin on topic Toolbox and the Money
I read the posts here and it seems few here only read "pay" and go to rage.

Kevin.. You call me EA... nice... Do you really read my posting? I talked about a limit around 150 or 200 parts. if i look at you package... well... you don't even use 1/4 of these size for for your model right now...

For the majority of the modelers the free version will be more then ok.

And the export features? There is a handful of people who really needs them.

And to the last point: "I will wait for a pirate version" i take this as a offence against me and my work. This statement made clear for me that you don't have even the smallest bit of honor ^^

Well I was out in the city now that I am back I can answer this:

My models part: the latest models are coming with way more then 200 pieces including the vehicles we started making, maybe guns can go in the 200 pieces limit but vehicles take a lot of to look nice, thats already someting bad.

The Software part: if the toolbox 2.0 already started as paid I wouldnt say anything but making a free software paid is something that get on my nerves, if it was supposed to be free with all its features why is it paid now with the need to get the top price to get all the features? I know that you need money but thats something that isnt right at all, if the toolbox was paid in the first place I wouldnt mind getting it.

Honor Part: it isnt honor, is that the money from my country Brazil, the BRL, sucks a major dick when converted to other currencies, I pirate stuff because I cant buy then, I only buy them when they are aery cheap and I can afford it.
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6 years 9 months ago #50582 by Nuttyboy812
Replied by Nuttyboy812 on topic Toolbox and the Money
This has been said before, but I'll re-hash it again. Ad.Fly is the way to go. Toolbox will only keep this going for so long, sales will slow because once everybody has it, you won't be getting anything as nobody new is purchasing it. I agree with Kevin's point that making a free program is a bit ass backwards. I think Manus could easily pay for this website if he put Ad.Fly on all his links, considering he has quite a few content packs. Maintaining the Ad.Fly revenue is easier too, as all you need to do is update the packs every month or so. Which is a bit of work, but still a hell of a lot easier than attracting a ton of new members to a community that seems to be past it's golden age. This all just my two cents, Manus can do whatever he wants, and should. However, I think that having a poll to decide between the solutions of Ad.Fly, Patreon, Charging for TB 2.0, and whatever other solutions people come up with might be the way to go.
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