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Toolbox 2.0 and + model setting bug

6 years 7 months ago #51932 by Raikave
Hello .
I have big bug whith my toolbox .
i can't use the package explorer because i have some spam message error.

The error message is : Packages detabase was not saved correctly. error on codeline: 0


my flan's direction package is : gyazo.com/3df6081287f7869c1dfc2bfb56411e6a

C:\Users\Eloic\Desktop\Flan creator\forge-1.7.10\src\main\java\com\flansmod\client\model

C:\Users\Eloic\Desktop\Flan creator\forge-1.7.10\eclipse\Flan

thanks for the help
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6 years 7 months ago #51943 by Manus
Please download the TB version and post the errorlog.txt here
The topic has been locked.
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