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How do you create a .json?

5 years 10 months ago #65604 by gigiandearl
Hello I was wondering how you create a .json, because I've heard that minecraft 1.8 uses it and so than without a json my gun ends up looking something like this

also I was wondering how to doing it manually.

also one other thing when I was trying to set up flans mod scr with eclipse it would not load, it would just say something about binary not being found. Would appreiate help :D
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5 years 10 months ago #65605 by war_monger
Yeah I've tried learning Jsons, it's hard. You want to make blocks ja? We're in the same boat then
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5 years 10 months ago #65606 by DerpiWolf
You can manually build a json. You'll need one for every block you have, and one for every item you have.
See Flan's Content Packs to see how they're built. You'll find them in assets>flansmod>blockstates, or model.

OR, you go by the Automatic building. Compile and build your pack; doesn't matter if the .jsons aren't built.
Then find your .jar, extract all of it's contents and move it into a folder.

Install that folder into your official minecraft folder, like how you would install a flan pack.
Run the game. This will automatically generate all the .json files you need.

Exit game and you can check the folder for them, where they'll be in the same directories as I said above.
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