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Toolbox 2.0 Reset package explorer paths

5 years 4 months ago #71422 by Parasius
i have a problem with the package explorer of the Toolbox. I set the wrong paths to the Flan Folder, so i want to reset the path. I haven't found any button or config to reset it, so i deinstalled the Toolbox and deleted the Toolbox 2.0 Folder with the Forge gradle, but everytime i reinstall the Toolbox and start it, the Package Explorer doesn't ask me for the paths and just opens the Window with the Packages.

Is there a way to reset the Package Explorer paths?
Thank you!
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5 years 4 months ago #71518 by DamagedNASCAR89
Maybe try messaging this to Manus, As far as I'm aware, He is the one who manages the Toolbox.
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5 years 3 months ago #71595 by bloodflood
It's pretty simple, you click File at the top lefthand corner, then click Options, then in the Path/Backup tab, there will be 2 paths that you can change: the path to your flans folder, and the path to your model folder. just change those, and that's it. But at the moment, every time I edit the Flans Mod path and close options, it reverts back to the previous path. We both then need to find out why that happens
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