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Berg's Japanese Wars 1467-1877 + Early 19th Century Weapons

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5 years 4 weeks ago #79136 by berggeit
I've Finished the Satsuma Officer uniform, the wig is referred as bear and the three main domains that fought on the imperial side had these wigs for their officers but in different colours. This armour might change in the future for I don't know if they carried the Satsuma colours or the orange strip on the left sleeve. I will add a the long sword and the short sword later on, they are worn in traditional fashion. The wig itself might change, I'm not happy with it.
Satsuma Black 'Bear'
Tosa Red 'Bear'
Chõshù White 'Bear'

Then I've made the No 2. revolver en the Volcanic pistol with an barrel attachment. I might make a rifle stock for the revolver in the future.

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